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100-SH72465 (1/72)
The DB-8 bomber aeroplane was produced by Douglas in the USA, however, the type was first developed and initially produced by Northrop, whose designers had come with a two-seat, ground attack type known as the Gamma 2F and which had been delivered to the USAAF with the military designation A-17. As Douglas bought the Northrop later, the production was moved to its facility instead, and an improved variety of the A-17 with a more powerful engine was developed and produced for many customers worldwide. One of them was also the Dutch air force which showed interest and in 1939 bought the DB-8A/3N version of the type. In 1940, the Dutch machines were put to service, rather paradoxicaly, in the fighter role in which they managet to shot down some of Luftwaffe’s Ju 52 transports, before being shot down themselves by the escorting German fighters. A few of the Dutch airframes were also captured and flown with the Luftwaffe.
  The DB-8A/3N kit set comes with a decal sheet catering for three machines, one of which bears the markings of the Luftwaffe. One of the original Dutch machines can be built in two different markings. Contained in the kit are also photo etched details and resin bomb rack.

-    Limited release
-    Etches and resin parts in the box
-    Breathtaking history of the portrayed machines
Nationality: dutch
Producer: Special Hobby
22.00 EUR
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