SH72183 (1/72)
The Messerschmitt Me 163A was the first rocket-powered aircraft produced in series in the world. Series aircraft were used for testing and for the training of pilots destined for the fighter version Me 163B. The rocket powered Komet took off using a two-wheel jettisonable dolly and landed on a skid retracted from under the fuselage. Therefore, a special towing vehicle, the Scheuch-Schlepper,  was used for moving the aircraft on the airfield. Two methods were used.; either the aircraft was held up by mechanical arms, or by bags inflated  with compressed air.
Nationality: german
Producer: MPM Production
18.90 EUR
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13.10.2015 15:35
The “Hi-Tech” reissue  contains a plethora of additional items as for instance an exquisite resin casted interior set, two PE frets, extra decal sheet and camouflage options researched by a famous British aviation historian.