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129-4275 (1/48)
The kit of the MD-500D US helicopter produced by Academy in 1/48 scale is very nice and cheap. But it lacks two essential things. The first is imprecise interior (even the MH-6 version) and dull civilian markings. Therefore CMK decided to produce detailed conversion set allowing modelers to build MH-6E/J attack version.
Originally, 23 AH/MH-8B and 15 AH/MH-6C machines were converted from OH-6A. These are not interesting for us since they were converted from OH-6A Cayuse that, among others differences, features four bladed main rotor. The important ones are the later versions based upon MD-500D with five bladed main rotor. 16 machines were converted to MH-6E version (serial nos. 81-23629 to 81-23637, 81-23648 to 81-23653 and 81-23655). MH-6J version were either converted from older MH-6s or modified from MD-500MGs (for inst. serial nos. 90-25361 or 91-25366).
The only unit to operate Little Birds is US Army’s 160th SOAR. Over the time, they were deployed in Grenada (Operation Urgent Fury in 1983), in Nicaragua (Contras forces support in 1983), in the Persian Gulf against Iranian naval forces (Operation Prime Chance in 1987), in Panama (Operation Gothic Serpent in 1989), in Somalia in 1993, in Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003) and elsewhere. Since all machines are constantly upgraded, please pay attention to the instruction sheet and particular machine’s photos. Do not confuse this version with MH/AH-6M that features six bladed main rotor, four bladed tail rotor, bigger rear doors opening and winch for fast insertion and extraction.
The set contains completely new cockpit including rear bulkhead, antennas, dorsal air bleed door, new engine exhaust, lengthened tail rotor drive shaft, additional fuel tank and external fold-down benches for 4 paratroopers (Green Berets, Delta Force, Rangers). The set includes color photo-etched parts and decals. Note: Academy 1/48 scale MH-6 Stealth kit does not correspond to its original so it is essential to use this conversion set (mainly the interior.)

Nationality: USA
Producer: CMK
19.30 EUR
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