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129-5129 (1/32)
The Bristol Centaurus sleeve valve engine was the pinnacle of the British radial engine development. Although it was designed during WW2, it saw service mainly in the immedate post-war period and powered such combat aeroplane as the Tempest Mk.II, Sea Fury, Buckingham, Brigant and also in civil-used Ambassadors.

Our replica of the Centaurs (designed to fit the SH32054 Tempest Mk.II model) is also a pinnacle sui generis. Alongside the Sabre in-line engine (CMK 5110 set) it presents the very best we have prepared as yet for 1/32 scale models. The cylinders come as separate parts, there are two styles of the gearbox with and without its aerodynamic-shaped housing which allows the modeller to instal the engine into the model either with or without the propeller. The set contains also the detachable engine cover panels.

Nationality: british
Producer: CMK
68.00 EUR
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