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100-SH72318 (1/72)
The first version of the Spitfire that had completely redesigned wing was the Spitfire Mk.21.
The changes in its construction were so important that a new name Victor had been also considered. Design work on this plane were commenced in 1942 and in the beginning of 1945 the first production aircraft were issued to No.91sqn. After the war, the Spitfire Mk.21 enjoyed rather long peace-time service  with both RAF and RAuxAF squadrons. And with this version of the Spitfire, a contrapropeller unit was being used on a large scale. And therefore, markings of two machines with a contraprop have been chosen for this boxing of our Spitfire model.
In the box containing a model of this beautiful aircraft you will find four sprues with highly detailed plastic parts, a set of clear parts and a decal sheet. We have indeed gone an extra mile with the construction of this replica, in the sprue with small parts you´ll get fish-tail exhausts for a war-time Spitfire Mk.21 as well and the rounded-type of exhaust for the post-war machines. There are of course also both three and four-spoked wheels included. The decal sheet offers markings for highly interesting No.41sqn machine that was originally delivered in a standard camouflage but later was repainted with Aluminium colour. While the fuselage and tailplanes were overpainted very carefully, the main wing wore visible streaks of aluminium colour. The original camouflage was also still visible around the top wing roundels. The fuselage, wing and also the tailplanes were adorned with red stripe markings which referred to the squadrons red cross of Lorraine insignia. The other machine served as a personal machine of two RAF senior officers. At first it flew with a camouflage and unarmed, later was repainted in standard post-war Aluminium. At the controls of the camouflaged Spitfire was Air Vice Marschal Thomas Cathcart Traill CB, OBE, DFC (8 victories during WW1), CO of No.12 Group RAF. Later, while the machine wore the aluminium coat, it was flown by an unknown Group Captain as suggested by the pennants on the fuselage sides. There is a resin set of various aerodynamical fairings covering the cannon stubs in the model which are intended for this machine. The decal sheet of course contains large amount of stencils.

Nationality: british
Producer: Special Hobby
17.50 EUR
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