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100-72514 (1/72)
Before WW2 Sweden bought a licence in the USA to produce the Douglas DB-8 (A-17) bomber. The Swedish version was significantly improved. It differed by the Bristol Pegasus engine, undercarriage, cockpit canopy and other details. The machines served throughout
the war, but as Sweden was a neutral country, they did not take part in the fightings.
The model contains two sprues with plastic parts that are accompanied by a large set of resin parts, inclusing the detailed engine. The model also contains injected gunner´s canopy
vacu canopy for the pilot cockpit and coloured photo-etches. The kit offers all three options for the plane´s undercarriage. The machine flew either with wheeled undercarriage with its aerodynamical covers or without them, or with skis. The decals offers three machines. It is possible to build the model with its white winter camouflage, or in standard camouflage scheme or in natural metal finish.

Nationality: swedish
Producer: Special Hobby
23.75 EUR
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