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100-72560 (1/72)
This high altitude reconnaissance version PR Mk.10 originated from FR Mk.9 fuselage (stripped off armament), earlier type of tail planes and Mk.4 Early long span wings. We at MPM Production focus on Meteors’ evolution thoroughly. As so the Gloster Company we also get on similarly with this limited issue kit. To the current F Mk.8/ Mk.9 fuselage we added new sprue with early wings and tail planes. Moreover, the kit contains injected canopy and nose cameras’ glazing from clear plastic. Decals included contain four machines. Two machines served in West Germany and wore RAF Day camouflage. Later, one of the latter was re-painted using grey colors. Two other machines were overall in High Speed Silver color. Particular markings are for RAF No. 81 Squadron Leader machine from Singapore and
RAF No.13 Squadron machine used by Sdr/L Miroslav Mansfeld DSO, DFC, AFC, who was Czechoslovakian Night Fighter Ace (10 victories during WW 2), when he exiled communist Czechoslovakia for the second time.

Nationality: british
Producer: Special Hobby
27.30 EUR
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