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100-SH48077 (1/48)
Even though Model 167 was not accepted by US Army, Martin celebrated success with exporting this machine. The up to date and powerful machines were ordered by France and Great Britain. French designation was Model 167F; British renamed it to Maryland. Marylands were deployed to Mediterranean area and Northern Africa. They proved suitable for both bomber and reconnaissance roles. One of the most successful British recce pilot Adrian Warburton was allocated at Malta. Since the kit offers decals for two of his Malta mounts we named it after him. Except of the above stated machines (one is ex-French Model 167F with interesting story) the kit contains decals for two machines from Northern Africa. The kit contains four sprues with plastic parts, one sprue with clear parts, resin and photo-etched parts.
Nationality: british
Producer: Special Hobby
54.00 EUR
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