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100-SH48110 (1/48)
The Heinkel He 115 was a German reconnaissance, torpedo-bomber and mine layer floatplane. Before the war, it held several world records. It was produced in a couple of versions and was also exported to Sweden, Norway and later also to Finland. This is also the reason why the type fought on both sides of the conflict during the 1940 attack on Norway. And now, we are re-releasing this machine which was in service mainly in the first half of the war.
   The model also contains resin detail parts and photo etches and the decals cater for three German machines, first of which operated oved the North Sea wearing a camouflage scheme adapted for flying at night. The two more machines were seen over Scandinavia, one of them in a scheme with added white mottles for winter operations.
•interesting schemes
•detail resin parts and etches already in the kit
•just limited quantity of this re-released model

Nationality: german
Producer: Special Hobby
68.30 EUR
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