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100-SH72308 (1/72)
The kit of the Spanish ground attack version of Buchón contains two frames with grey plastic parts, some of themincluding rockets and their racks are injected from the metal mould that was completely designed in 3D, frame with clear parts, highly detailed resin cast cannons and exhaust stacks and photoetched parts. Buchóns in Spain served in two camouflage schemes standards. Initially it was the overall blue coat that was later replaced by aluminium dope on the upper surfaces and light blue coat on the lower ones. Decals included offer markings for three machines; two of them feature the standard camouflage scheme while the last one carries non standard field applied camouflage. The overall blue and the non-standard machine sport nicknames on the noses and the units\' badges.
Nationality: Spanish
Producer: Special Hobby
17.10 EUR
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