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100-SH72277 (1/72)
Israel obtained and subsequently tested the AH-1G Cobra attack helicopters. Due to the need of helicopters capable of destroying armoured vehicles or the enemy’s fortified strongholds, Israel in cooperation with US counterpart converted these helicopters to the AH-1S version. AH-1S version was equipped with TOW missiles. Israeli helicopters still retained several features typical for the older AH-1G version helicopters. The sprues of this kit, six frames in grey styrene contain highly detailed plastic parts with finely engraved panel lines, clear parts frame with canopy that is divided into five parts (which means you can built Cobra either with canopy closed or open), landing lights and highly detailed resin parts for the IDF version. Decals included offer markings for 4 brown (one of them with two slightly different markings) machines with two of them sporting Yellow ID “V” letters.
Nationality: USA
Producer: Special Hobby
18.00 EUR
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