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129-4455 (1/48)
   The Sukhoi aircraft of the Su-17/22 family came out of the production plant with two types of the engine. They could be either fitted with a Lyulka jet of the Al-7F-1 or AL-21F-3 types, or with Tumansky R-29BS-300 power unit which differed in size from the Lyulkas. The 1/48 kit made by Kitty Hawk offers only one variety of the rear fuselage section as used with the AL-21F-3 unit. This set which has been made possible thanks to the cooperation with the Vespa Model Kit company from Peru, brings you the parts needed to convert the Kitty Hawk model to the variety with the Tumansky R-29BS-300  engine. Not only contians this set the differing rear fuselage, it also contains the differnt vertical tail unit and a sheet of decals covering Russian, Libyan and a South Yemen airframes.
Nationality: russian
Producer: CMK
49.40 EUR
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