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100-SH72478 (1/72)
The American A-20 Havoc / Boston twin engined bomber aeroplanes saw service over many a battle field of the Second World War. And they were highly successful in the Pacific Theatre of Operations. The A-20G version was fitted with a battery of heavy machine guns in the nose and a pair of the same type of machine guns in a turret to defend the rear hemisphere. This armament was also often used in ground attack sorties in addition to the bombs dropped from low levels. Besides Bostons flown by the US crews, there served also Bostons of the RAAF whose crews liked to throw so-called bomb „tea-parties“.
  The kit offers nicely detailed A-20G parts broken up to five grey styrene sprues plus one sprue with the clear parts. On top of that the kit also contains a sheet of decals covering two schemes, the US one with a quite interesting, hat-wearing cat painting on the nose and the other option portrays an Australian machine bearing a unique combination of US and RAAF national insignia.

-    Finely detailed model
-    Interesting colour scheme options
-    Wide variety of available accessory sets (masks, PUR detail sets, figures)

Nationality: USA
Producer: Special Hobby
28.20 EUR
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