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100-SH72474 (1/72)
In 1940, the Messerschmitt Bf 109E was among the very best fighter planes of the world. Its main role was to achieve the air superiority, nevertheless at the same time, some of the airframes were being adapted for carrying bombs on a rack under the fuselage which resulted in a multi role, fighter-bomber variety. At first, the E-1 subtypes were adapted to this role as they were armed with machine guns only and so could carry more bomb load. Two styles oof bomb racks were used, one for four smaller, 50kg bombs, the other capable of carrying a 250kg or even a 500kg bomb. Such machines were then operated by so called jabo staffel units and saw service over the Western and Eastern front, in the Mediterranean as well as in Afrika.
  The kitset brings the excellent-looking styrene parts of the Bf 109E-1 version, topped with a 4xETC 50 bomb carrier with four bombs. The decals cater for three Luftwaffe scheme options, one as operated in Greece in 1941, the other two as flown against Britain in 1940.

-    Limited release
-    Top quality styrene parts with equally fine looking resins
-    Eye-catching version bearing interesting markings
Nationality: german
Producer: Special Hobby
19.20 EUR
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