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100-SH72472 (1/72)
   In 1939, the Messerschmitt Bf 109E was arguably the very best fighter aeroplane in the world. And so, many air forces in Europe showed their interest to acquire the type to their inventory. And among the first foreign countries able to do so was Rumania, mainly because of the oil they were mining in
Ploesti. On the other hand, one of the last countries to get the aircraft was the Slovak State, despite being a close ally to Germany at the time. Both these countries, Slovakia and Rumania, put their Emils to military actions on the Eastern Front alongside the German Luftwaffe. And some of their pilots rose to acedom flying these tiny and nimble fighters.
   The top-notch model of the Messerstchmitt Bf 109E is here in yet one more reboxing offering decals for two Slovak-born ace pilots and two from Rumania – and these latter ones are also those with most eye-catching machines in the box. The lifes and the fate of the pilots are also described in the four colour schemes.
-    Highly interesting and colourful camouflage schemes
-    Each of the machines was flown by an attractive figure with interesting life story
-    Also available: paint mask sets, pilot figure sets and a wide range of resin and printed accessories.
Nationality: romanian
Producer: Special Hobby
17.20 EUR
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