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100-SH72458 (1/72)
   The top-notch plastic parts of Academy’s Juners Ju 87G-2 are now joined by our own styrene, resin and photo-etched conversion parts which all makes it possible to make the Junkers Ju 87 in the rare D-5/N/D-8 versions. And along all that, the conversion parts also take care of the very few issues the original kit has. These D-5/N/D-8 airfames were almost the last ones of the Stuka family to be flown in the bomber role aand were operated from 1943 until the end of the war. They saw service not only with the Luftwafe, a couple of Axis states operated them, too. Due to the air superiority of the Allies though, these Stukas were most often used at night in ground-attack and bombing missions and as the dive brakes were not needed for such actions, these were often removed and ight type exhausts with flame dampers were introduced on these versions.
   The marking schemes and defals of this limited-quantity model kit caters for four Luftwaffe options fitted with two styles of night exhausts made of resin.-  
•attractive version
•nice-looking decal sheet including set of stencils
•released in limited quantity

Nationality: german
Producer: Special Hobby
24.20 EUR
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