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100-SH72437 (1/72)
   The final generation of the Meteor jets was manufactured by Armstrong Whitworth.  These differed from the earlier ones by having crew of two and being fitted with an all-weather interceptor radar unit. In the early years of the Cold War, these Meteors defended Great Britain from Soviet bombers with nuclear weapons on board. The A.W. Meteors were also rather widely exported and served with several NATO air forces as well as in the Middle East.
   There are markings for four RAF machines in the decal sheet, two of them as flown over home bases in the UK and the other two depict RAF machines stationed in West Germany

Four grey styrene sprues plus a single clear parts sprue
Decals and colour schemes featuring four RAF machines, including a set of stencils
Pre-cut painting masks available separately, M72031
Nationality: british
Producer: Special Hobby
19.80 EUR
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