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100-SH48226 (1/48)
   The ground-attack Breda 65 aircraft, both of the single seat and two seat variety, had been designed yet berofe the war broke out. The type was manufactured in two main versions, differing by the type of the power plant used and the span of the wings. The Italian Air Force decided to test the Bredas in real war conditions and sent the to the Aviazione Legionaria, the Italian Expeditionary Corps deployed to the Civil War in Spain.
   Our model of the single-place variety, wearing the markings of the Aviazione Legionatia, is being offered now in a limited quantity only. The kit contains three styrene sprues, one with clear parts, resin details and a fret of etches. The decal sheet covers two machines with standard, black and white markings of the Italian Expeditionary Forces in Spain.

-    Limited edition only
-    Interesting markings
-    The kit comes with detailed resin parts and a large fret of etches.
Nationality: italian
Producer: Special Hobby
43.90 EUR
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