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129-8063 (1/48)
The Zetor 25 tractor was among the first products of the post-war Czechoslovak industry and also the very first tractor to have been manufactured by the Zetor company. Until 1961 when the production was ceased, a total of 160,000 Zetors left the production line of which almost 100,000 had been delivered across both Europe and Asia. We are now launching the 1/48 scale Zetor 25 model kit as the previous Zetor 25s in smaller 1/72 scale (models MV128 and MV129) have been a phenomenal success with the customers. Model kit no.8063 portrays the miliary variety of the type which saw quite wide service with the Czechoslovak armed forces. Many of the vehicles were used to tow military jets on the airfields, mainly the MiG 15s and 17s, as is also shown in several period propaganda films. And this is why our model also offers the 3D-printed tow bar in addition to a few etched details and a sheet of decals.

Nationality: Czechoslovakia
Producer: CMK
30.20 EUR
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