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100-SA72016 (1/72)
The Steyr 1500 vehicles of ex-Austrian Steyr-Daimler-Puch company were designed for the unification programme of the German Wehrmacht that was supposed to give standardised vehicles of  needed properties to the armed forces. Although this programme was carried out only partially, its outcome, the Steyr 1500 vehicle was indisputably successful design. The number of the produced machines reached over 12,000 and even famous Ferdinand Porsche himself was involved in the development. On the 4WD chassis many different upperstructures appeared, one of the most widespread being the ambulance that were really very important part of the rear line support, in particular on the Eastern front, where the fightings were quite heavy.

Model of the Steyr ambulance vehicle, as also its name suggests, is equipped with typical rounded driver´s cab and consists of three frames of plastic parts, set of resin parts and photo-etches. The decals offer marking for two vehicles, one of them in white and the other in typical German late war camouflage.
Nationality: german
Producer: Special Hobby
16.00 EUR
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